Entrepreneurs typically have a compelling vision and strong technical skills, but often need to augment their management team for effective strategic planning, operational execution, finance and marketing.
deltastreet reduces the time to take business
  initiatives from concept to successful completion. We identify opportunities to minimize risk and overhead by outsourcing non-core activities to specialist service providers who bring the desired flexibility and skill sets to our clients on an as-needed basis.
deltastreet provides hands-on, experienced
  professional assistance in key management functions, transitioning to a full time resource as when appropriate.
deltastreet addresses key challenges faced
  by early stage and established businesses by offering the stakeholders a variety of management, marketing and financial alternatives.
deltastreet is the bridge between client firms
  and their external stakeholders; we work with banks, venture capital and investment institutions to nurture and monitor their asset portfolios.
  We play a critical role in positioning growing firms with their financial institutions, investors, suppliers and customers by providing specific professional expertise, using a network of international business resources in areas such as marketing, advertising, communications, sales, financial, accounting, legal, technical, systems, operations, production, human resources, graphic design, printing and packaging.
  Ronnie Dayal brings two decades of value-added contributions to managers and shareholders to assist their evolving businesses- providing the seasoned experience required for complex management issues:
  Ronnie Dayal has over 18 years of experience in structuring business transactions and putting together financial solutions for large and small firms. He has built corporate relationship portfolios of rapid growth companies for more than a decade at CIBC and BDC. Since 1995, his focus has been on raising capital and managing small business expansion in the emerging, knowledge-based and high-technology industries. Between August 1998 and February 2001, Ronnie was a VP at Pathway Communications, a Toronto-based ISP, where he introduced and advised the President on the successful sale to a telecommunications firm in July 1999, followed by a successful IPO of the merged entity. Industry experience includes venture financing and investment banking, technology, bio-pharmaceutical, manufacturing, automotive, construction, consumer products, service, franchising, wholesale and retail.